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Real Estate Closings

Attorney Fees From $195

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We cover the Entire Chicago Metropolitan area

Residential Sale

No Association


If you are selling your home and do not belong to a homeowner association, attorney fees are $195, complete.

Residential Sale



If you are selling your home and belong to a homeowner association (condo, townhouse, etc.), attorney fees are $295, complete.

Residential Purchase

Association or Not


If you are purchasing a home, attorney fees are $595, complete.

Your attorney will guide you from start to finish and handle all matters in between

Real Estate Contract

We will review your real estate contract, negotiate changes with opposing counsel, and monitor contract deadlines. 

Ancillary Services

We do everything necessary to get you to the closing table. We will order your survey and review it for any problems, order title insurance, obtain real estate transfer tax stamps, obtain water, zoning and inspection certificates.

The Closing

In addition to the services mentioned above, we will prepare and review your closing documents, schedule and coordinate the closing, and last but not least, attend the closing. 

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